Friday, March 16, 2007

Now the most headache part now has come. which is applying for the IPTA. Last night, Chong Yaw sent to me one website about the statistic of the chinese who successfully entered each courses in every local uni. When I saw the percentage and the NGMP, my heart straight away broke!! Gee~ It's really, REALLY hard for us chinese to get it into local uni. Shish!! Education Department really should take some action on this issue. It's actually kinda unfair for us chinese to have such a low percentage to get into local uni although some of their results can consider a good results already. Ok~ Stop those sensitive issue. Later I kena sue then mati la saya~

Today I'll start of my Leadership Camp Post. Below are the two of the cutest junior, cicak man aka Ryan Fong and tahi lalat berbulu aka Clarence Tang. Both of them ah, I really can say, really hard to find so sporting de junior nowadays. Below are the videos of them during the camp. One is their solo performance on stage which includes some unsur-unsur ganas and another one about both of them 'mourning' the casualty, which is their senior, Brendan Ng. Cause they made him 'dead' during the team test. So, as a hukuman, JJK call them to did this!! It's hilarious~Hmm~ Will post this next time. Cause is a kinda sensitive so needa ask permission from them first. =)

And to end up my today's post, presenting the Leadership Camp's pictures. I'll uploads the first day of the camp for this post. Others will be upload on the coming posts. I lazy to type long long so I'll just let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy~

First of all, dividing the participants into groups.. They'll be 5 group all together~

Been given nicknames after the briefing by Ah Chen

Each participant been given an egg as an amanah..

Unfortunately, someone broke it.. Aw~

Later, is the production of the group flags..

... for around 30 minutes...

... then.. BOOM!!!

A small slot of Ice Breaking done by the AJKs after lunch..

Everyone enjoyed~

Next, followed by a talk from the officer

Then, later is marching training

Saw me teaching the juniors?

Night time started off by flag presentation...

... followed by questions from the AJK~ =P

Group pictures~ Group 1, Ayam Brand, Fei Mao, Tongkat Ali, Fungsi x^5 and Complain Queen

Group 2, Kucing Miang berbau busuk, Mr Loba-lobak, Ketiak Berbulu Lebat, A4 Printer and Cat Woman

Group 3, Si Burit Besar, Penjual Tikar, Cicak Man, Che Ching Generasi ke-2, Tun Fatimah

Group 4, Red Hippo, Bapa Ayam Generasi ke-5, Tahi Lalat Berbulu, Muka Tembok and Tuna Spread

Lastly, Group 5, Ibu Ayam Generasi ke-4, Vege Producer, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Super Banana and Bread Master

Then later, a first aid training before sleep..

... a scalp bandage~

The most exciting activity for the day, Night Owl during midnight for emergency call

All ready?

They started to go under...

... and under...

... and walked...

... and rest...

... and lined up... Stupid face of mine.. haha

... and even post too~

We brought them in lines and lead them...

... to Tanjong Beach...

... to get some fresh air and get ready for a brand new day~~

Guess that's all form me today~ Hope you all enjoyed reading this long post. Take care everyone~ Cheers~ Lastly from me, more blessings for the courses that I choose~

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