Leadership Camp I

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Before I start off the second day for the Leadership Camp post, I wanna mentioned something about what happened with me recent days. As you all know, my results is out and there are quite a number of my friends and teachers saying that my result is not bad already. Should I agree with them or not? Cause some people still thinks that my result is like a SHIT?!

I know myself very well. I know I myself that I'm not a smart girl so I didn't even wish to get As for this STPM. Before the test, I studied, revise and worked hard for my test. Tonnes of pressures and tears I faced. I'd tried my best already ok? If wanna compare, just compare with my own results? NOT MY FRIEND'S RESULT!! Some of my friends and readers out there will face same problem as me.

Hmm~ What I actually wanna said is that, STPM is not an very easy test and a 2B2C result is a NOT BAD RESULT ALREADY!! I did tried my best that I can to get my best result ok? Please la~ Don't keep on saying that your result is not good la~ Whatever.. If enter those medic, doctor course in local uni of course is hard la~ Duh!! Even 4As student needa struggle very hard to get in!! No local uni still got some private universities that offer courses which is not as cheap as the local ones but not as expensive as those unis like Curtin, Swinburne all those!!

Shish!! Done my grumblings.. =)

On the second day of the camp, actually lotsa activities for that day been spoilt due to the rainy weather and also some CADETS and MRCS conflicts in school. I'll remain silence for this =) I'll just let the picture do the talking...

They started their 2nd morning with the marching training at Tanjong Beach~

After their breakfast in the morning... BOOM...

... and some WaiKikis~

First activity started... Quiz Bee~

Xiang Yi aka Albert, giving them questions containing Red Cross/Crescent History and First Aid in the Quiz Bee

Later that followed by a talk about First Aid by the MRCS Miri Chapter's officer. Then, lunch. After lunch, they planned to went to Tanjong Beach to had an activity there. All these been spoilt by the rainy day. So, they planned to did this instead...

First Aid training again =)

Later during evening, the flag decendency...

... after that, BOOM again...

... followed by: "Ketiak saya gatal la~" Ketiak berbulu Lebat: "Yalah, sudah beberapa hari saya tidak cucilah~" Others: "Eee~~" =P

And also... Mr Loba-Lobak.. Yeah~

Night time, some short briefing by Albert for the Bandaging & Immobilizing Relay...

Are you guys ready?

Casualties, Judges, Time keeper ready?

3... 2... 1... go~

They run!!! and started off with 10 ques of bandaging ques...

... They balut...

.... and balut~

Then followed by the 10ques of Immobilizing.. Look at this Jason~ (-.-'')

After each bandaging and immobilizing, they'll be a commenting session by the judge for the participants. Overall, some of their presentation were not very good. Maybe still new or what? Still needa improve alot more. We ended the day early due to some conflicts happened. That night was a really tiring and shocked night for all of us specially the AJKs.

Guess that's all from me today. Hope you guys enjoy reading. Cheers~~

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