Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wanna see my results? Nah.. There you go..

Haha.. Can't see very clearly right? =P Oh well, actually my results are not that bad but not very good either. Got B+ for my General Paper, B for Maths T, C+ for Chemistry and C- which means half pass only, for my Biology!! Memang men-chuo-pai-kan!! (>.<)

Even my overall results for my General Paper and Maths also. For General Paper, I got B for paper 1 and A- for paper 2 which makes my overall B+. Maths also, A- for paper 1 while C for paper 2 which makes my overall B!! All left abit nia then I can get at least an A or an A- liao. Shish~ Can't blame anyone also. Blame myself for not study harder abit, made too much careless mistakes and also SOI!!

Bio ah bio!! I don't know how to say liao ah!! Got D for my paper 2!! Celaka~ So dang speechless. Now is time for me to apply for the IPTA to get into local uni. All the best for me!! More blessings from everyone. Take care~

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