Chinese New Year Celebration III

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

On the third day of chinese new year celebration, hmm.. it's still a rainning day. Went to Jsun Teck's house for visitation cause his house got open house, then followed Hui Yee, Anne and Jooh to Kuok Yee's house.

Hui Yee, Anne, Jsun Teck, Huan Jooh and me~

Hui Yee, Anne, Chen and me~

Reached there and then they went upstairs and started to sang karaoke. (^.^) Sang, sang, sang.. Sang till evening. Wakaka. As for me, I just watched them enjoying themselves while me just sang one song nia... Haha. Don't wanna sang much cause... cause no reason.. Just don't want. =P

At Kuok Yee's house.. Singing David Tao's song~

Without specs~

Another one...

The pics with specs...

The overall look for that day. Black and white theme~

Nothing much happened recently. Oh ya ya~ Yesterday then I realised our small Miri town got broadband liao! Broadband you mean? Yea~ It's broadband. What speed I'm still not sure. As long as can online can liao. Not every places. Just the town area as I know now. Hehehe~ And today my uncle and cousins went back to Singapore today. Aw~ Time really flies. Well, hope they enjoy eating the 20 packets of kampua that mum made for them. Haha

Guess that's all from me now. Take care everyone.

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