Enjoyable Night

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Went to green air last night with eleanor aka anne ah mu, jingkwong aka jjk, khin hooi aka ah hooi and also kimhow aka how boy. We really very so geng. We can actually stay at there from 8.45pm till around midnight which means until the waiters need to tell us they're closing soon!! And we just sit there talk talk chat chat gila here and there for few hours!! And guess what we've ordered? A 1-2 cups of drink per person and a RM3 fries!! Speaking about fries..

Anne: Eh, how big is the RM3 de fries ah?
JJK: Bigger than the fries on the menu...
Others: *looking at each other* *=.="* Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!
Anne: .....

Kakaka. Actually last night something's wrong with jjk and how. Don't know why both of them keep laughing and laughing non-stop. The 3 of us keep on asking what happen to them but their replies are : Hahahahahhaha. *-.-"*

They laugh till stomach almost cramp and after that they can do stupid gila stuffs like playing 'under the rainbow', give some stupid expressions, starring at us sohai-ly. Haha. But both of them really filled the night with full of laughters. Haha. After that, we went to anne's house then we continue gila-ing till early in the morning. At her house, we continue chatting, online and also playing decker cards till 3am then i reached home. Whoa!! First time hanging out till so late. Found out few things last night.

  1. Anne house's christmas tree was nice
  2. How will be flying to Aus on the 19 next month!! So fast!!
  3. Hooi will be following me and my friends hanging out in KL

Lastly, some of the pictures in green air last night. Using how's camera phone. Mine will be uploaded soon. Gosh~ I really needa buy a bluetooth dongle. More pictures soon and tonight will be going to chong yaw's house for bbq. Haha. Take care.

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