Back To The Past

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Was exploring the pc today and then I found this. Below was the drama perform by my class, Upper 6 Science 1, during the science and mathematics week. This is a story about a student, Patricia, dreaming about her becoming a doctor and saving her ex-bio teacher's life while she was suppose to dissect her rat in the bio lab. Haha~ Enjoy and do comment ya? Take care~

This video was taken during the practise

Drama Part 1 - Introduction by the narrator. I, as a big mole bio teacher was teaching the students on how to dissect a rat. Then, Patricia fell asleep....

Drama Part 2 - In her dream, she was a doctor. She's playing with the skeleton and suddenly there's an emergency where I got into an accident and needed to be operate asap. ps. Some of the vedio din get to be recorded due to some technical problem. Hehe.

Drama Part 3 - During the operation lotsa funny things happen. In the end of the operation I couldn't be saved. Then back to the real life, Patricia's been awake by me then she realised it was just a dream.
p.s notice the 2 guys,wang huat n ahbui while we're dancing. They're extremely funny and cute. wakaka!!!
The End~

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