December is here...

Friday, December 01, 2006

So, how's the new design? Took some of my times to edit it from the templates and 'walah'!! A new fresh looking design for my blog. Haha. Sorry if you guys don't understand what I'm talking about cause me myself also sort of blur blur now. Haha.

Yesterday then I realise... It's the end of November!!! And today is December!!! 1st of December!?! Hmm... Oh ya!!! Eddy dear's birthday (ps. He's my little cousin and I like to disturb him by calling him Eddy dear... Haha) Happy Birthday To You!!! And tomorrow 2nd December, my other cousin's birthday!!! Little mei mei, Ariane's birthday!!! Happy Birthday to both of you!!! So, let me see.. Edd will be 15? Is it 15? I think is 15 years old. Haha!! And this little mei mei will be 12 years old.

Edmund and his mummy

Ariane mei mei on her cute MRCS uniform

Besides birthday, I'll be finishing my last paper which is my Chemistry 2 on the 5th Dec!! Yay!! Then on the 19-24 will be flying to KL to enjoy~ Can't wait~~ Haha. Ok!! I guess that's it for now. Sorry for posting boring posts. Cause honestly, I'm kinda lazy now. Haha!!! Take care.

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