Unlucky Me

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Luck!! Luck!! I needa luck!!! (>.<) This few days was so unlucky for me. STPM is just around the corner and i should be well prepared not only for mentally but physically too. But, what I can say is that I'm really really a unlucky girl. Why? Oh well, this few days I am facing DIARRHOEA which ruinned my whole day's life. The range of going to toilet per day for these few days are 4-5 times. (>.<) And I also just came out from the toilet too and continue this blogging stuffs. *digusting* Ok I really need to go and see a doctor tomorrow since I no need to go to school to study anymore. *wink* One advise from me: Drink lotsa lotsa water to prevent ownself from facing this diarrhoea especially in this kind of hot weather and also when test is just around the corner.

Few days ago was Chong Yaw's birthday. We planned to celebrate it at Taman Awam. Maybe the weather was too touched by us and on that day it rainned. (-.-) The water falls from morning but it stopped at noon. Who knows when we're there, it starts to rain heavily again. But thank GOD that time we were still waiting for places to put up the fire and start to bbq. So we ended up bbqing at Kie Leong's house. An enjoyable night. Will post the pics soon.

Then today was my very last day for us to attend our school and today we had this 'Mohon Restu' activity for the whole morning. Hmm.. I am now consider a half-graduated high school student since I still need to sit for my exams. This morning everyone brought their cameras and handphones and took lotsa pics. Including me. But i just took one of my pic using my hp and others will be in ah bui's camera. Speaking bout ahbui's camera, whoa!! Nice cos it was so so clear, anti shock, and high resolution. I forgot what model but of course since he's a Sony Dealer of course he's using his own brand. wakaka. The 'Mohon Restu' was eventually ok for me and some ppl tend to cry since it's the last day for us. But as for the fragile me, I was lucky that I did not cry but I do feel sad cause my high school years is ending, which means I'M OLD!! (>.<) Ok. It's late and I'm still sick. So take care everyone.

10 days to my first paper... 25 days to my last paper.. GOD BLESS!!!

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