Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ok.. I'm here just for some little updates. Hehe. Don't want to spent too much time on blogging for now. Cause next week will be my FIRST PAPER!!! That's scary cause I'm very very afraid that I'll do lotsa careless mistakes and I'll FAIL!!! Then, by that time I'm DOOM!!! Ok. Enough about STPM thingy. Belows are the pictures that I promised to upload. Sorry for the delaying. Those pictures are from the BBQ nite on Chong Yaw's birthday and the last day of sch which is the 'Mohon Restu' day. Please do leave some comments. Will update and maybe will change the blog's templates as soon as I found another nice one ( most probably after my STPM )

:: BBQ nite during Chong Yaw's birthday ::

Everyone is busy BBQing while I'm posing in front of camera

See my big smile =D

Everyone busy eating, drinking and chatting

It's a peppermint + cheese cake

Chong Yaw is going to blow the candles

:: Mohon Restu ::

Was trying ah bui's camera. It's Mei Ling, me and Fish

Me, Fish and Kie Leong

Everyone is listening while teachers giving advises. But I'm studying there. Haha

Phototaking with our fav form & also maths teacher, Mdm Sia

Phototaking with our chemis teacher, Miss Alice

Phototaking with our bio teacher, Miss Tracy. I'm not in cause I'm eating. =\

Our PA teacher, Mdm Rusmarina

That's all for now. Take care.

4 more days to my first paper.. 20 more days to my last paper... Please do PRAY for me!!!

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