The Stupid-ness Of Me

Friday, November 03, 2006

It's 3 November,2006 11.17 pm and i'm still in front of my pc. Logicly, I should be facing the books and studying right now and not facing my com typing this blog. But... ARGHHH!!! I can't solve the maths question. Damn freaking mad and feel so stupid. It seems to be easy but HELL... I can't even solve it. This is two of the question from Muar Paper 1 and this questions ruined my whole night...

Q1. The equation of the curve is 2x^2 + 8xy + 5y^2 + 3 = 0. Find the equations of the two tangents which are parallel to the x-axis.

Q2. Find the sum to n terms of the series
3 - x - x^2/3 - x^3/3^2 + ... + [(-1)^(r-1)][x^(r-1)]/3^(r-2) + ...
Given that the series is convergent, state the set of possible values of x, and the sum to infinity.

Damn!! For Q1 I tried to think of some formulas but can't even think of any suitable to fit in the equation. If differentiate it, then how can i find the gradient if the ques din give any x or y value? But if see carefully, got give tangents parallel to x axis. If the parallel change to intersect then i know how to do la. But the problem here is parallel. 'Parallel' means x=0 or the gradient=0? Then if gradient is 0 means got turning point then find the values of x and y then form the equations? Or what if x=0 and I can find the value of y and dy/dx. Then, the those values substitute it in and form the equation of tangents ah? Eee... trying very hard to think but can't even have any idea. So tend to skip..

Then next ques.. Q2. Damn AGAIN!! How to find the n terms?!! If substitute the n into r then the n terms will be in the terms of x also.. Then how am i suppose to solve the questions. It seems easy but how come i can't even find any way to solve it? I'm sitting for my exams soon and this questions i still don't know how to do!!! DAMN!!! Feel really really stupid. Any pro-maths here? Teach ME!!!!

17 more days to my first paper... 32 more days to my last paper.. GOD PLEASE HELP ME!!

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  • wisteria
    Wednesday, November 29, 2006 12:37:00 AM  

    qns1 looks so familiar to me.

    the belows r what i think, but i MAY BE WRONG. i dint try out myself. i do lots of this type of qns for my add.maths MANY years ago. many means my mind is rusty.

    from your long equation, u make into 2 equations.
    u make x= blah (ans will be consist of y no x)
    and u make y= blahblah (ans will be consist of x no y)
    later u sub your y ans into blah.
    then u will have a figure for x value.
    from here u can find the figure for y too.

    now u plot the graph.
    then from the graph, draw 2 lines which r horizontal. parallel to the x-axis means horizontal.
    from these 2 lines u will have 2 equations, qns solved.

    dont read too much into the qns.
    and again, i might be wrong.

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