The Trip to KL

Friday, October 27, 2006

ok.. about the kl trip.. i'll be going with lee yee the fish, chek seng aka ah bui, ah seng and poken.. and also maybe raymond will be following us too.. "maybe" only ah.. we'll be taking off from miri on the 19Dec nite.. guess will reach kl around midnite.. (=.=) and we'll back to miri on the 24Dec morning.. around 10am...

Ok, so far what have we planned and settled?
(x) Airfare
( ) Accomodation
( ) Transportation
( ) Schedule for the whole trip

(=.=) oh my.. oh dear... besides the airfare that already been confirmed, others still not yet been confirm... i don't know bout what the others think.. but i personally think that is better for us to confirm and settle everything asap so that we can spent more time on our STPM and no need to worry about the trip's schedule everything...

Ok.. as for the accomodation, now still need to wait for fish's confirmation whether we can stay at her relatives there or not.. if there's no choice then we need to book 2 rooms for our accomodation.. now the problem is where can we find a strategic, cheap and safe hotel for us to stay? anyone can recommends us some hotels? after doing some surveys on the hotels.. i think we'll be staying either at Bintang Warisan, Nova Hotel or Argora Hotel... so if anyone who's reading this, can give us some suggestion?

Now for our transportation.. Well.. there is nth much to worry about this cause KL has lots of facilities like lrt, monorail and taxis... but the problem now is that when we reached KL is already midnight and the only transport that we can use is only taxi.. and by that time.. the taxi driver will double charge us.. (>.<) how cruel.. haha...

And now for the schedule everything.. oh well.. this thing i'd already planned.. now just wait for the confirmation everything only.. thanks to my big bro for giving me some tips when going around in kl.. thanks to Smith too.. for willing to bring us go around kl... and frens in KL.. let me know whether on that time are u in KL or not.. so i can have a chance to met u guys.. and also bring us go around KL.. haha... and now what i hope is everything do goes well.. Good Luck to us.. (^.^)v

23 more days to my first paper... 39 more days to my last paper... and then i'm FREE!!!!

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