Phuket Trip II

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Today will be the continuation of my Phuket Trip. Previous post was about day one, today will be day two. A post with a lot of heavy pictures, almost heavy pictures, as I combined them in one picture. If not, this post is going to be way too long. Day two of the trip was basically spending the whole morning till evening doing island hoping, sight seeing, while watching ladyboy show at night. Okay. I'll just let the pictures do the talking. (o^^o)

 American Breakfast to start of the day! Cost around THB200 (RM20)
It's pricey I know. (>.<) 

And around 8am the van arrived at our hotel to pick us to the Ao Poh Pier. Reached the pier, and headed to our cruiser boat. Oh ya. The whole trip were being planned by the tour I mentioned on previous post, which cost us THB1600 (RM160) which includes transport and lunch. A special rate!

They you are, our cruiser boat. It's a cloudy day that day.  We'll at least it's not a rainy nor too sunny day. 

So, after the boat started it's way, there is this guy, which I totally forgot his name, introducing the island, and also telling us our whole activity today. Ha!

Then, music was on, people around started to dance in the boat! Lively eh?

.. while us just sitting there, eating langsat, watching the view, feeling the cool breeze and not forgetting to take pictures. (^^)

Views along the way

 Our first stop... I totally forgot where's this! Ha!

Then we're divided into group of 2-3 people to get into this canoe.

 Okay, our first time canoeing. Excited!

Basically, we're stopping at this island just to view what's inside the cave.
Just some monkeys and the bats. It's very very dark inside the cave. (@@)

Then, later on, we're back to the cruise, then arrived at our 2nd stop..

.. Hong Island. Highlight for this island. It's Bond, James Bond.
Later I'll story you why is it call James Bond. Well, this is actually James Bond no. 2, according to them, or is =) this James Bond no. 1? Ah! Whatever is it, it's still James Bond! =)

 Of course not forgetting to take pictures. =)

It's noon already. After the canoeing, we went back to the boat, people start to jump from the boat into the cool sea and starting swimming.

.. while we still continue our picture taking. XD
We then had our Gourmet lunch on the boat.
Our third stop, after lunch. Thanks to my bad memory and I forgot what island is this. So, we stopped there for awhile while we all can swim and relax at there. But the weather seems to not treating us well enough, it started to rained...

.. and rained very heavily when we reached our last top, and the Main Highlight of the day: James Bond Island aka Khao Phing Kan!

Us with the Bond. Notice us wearing the raincoat that cost THB50 (RM5) each.

Okay. Now the story of the James Bond. It was named after the movie of James Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun. The reason was simple, cause they filmed one of scene movie there! That's why it's called James Bond island. And why there is James Bond no 1 and 2 is just basically the appearance of the rock where one of the diameter increase from bottom to top and vice versa.

Okay. Back to the boat and on our way back to the mainland. In the mean time, they started to entertained us with ladyboy show. (==||)

Fan Su been kissed by one of them. Haha!

Tips throughout the whole trip in the morning: prepare small notes, or even own local notes. Cause they may ask for tips. Reached mainland. Back to hotel, then get ready for tonight's event.

 But before that we went to Jungceylon..

.. for Dinner! Samurai Pork Burger! Fan Su long awaits dinner!

.. Then we used tuk-tuk to our main event for the night..

Simon Cabaret Show! We got ourselves a 9.30pm show. This show was about those ladyboys lip syncing, singing and dancing. Just like the movie Burlesque! They are really pretty I tell you. Pretty until I think some of them might be a real girl instead! Ha!

The ticket cost us THB600 (RM60) per person for VIP seat! Got this special rate online at their website. Lucky us.

Love the show very much. Just like the movie Burlesque. But not the pictures with the ladyboys as they ask for tips after the picture. We thought can take for free! Hmph! If we knew earlier we rather choose the prettier ones. Haha!

Back to our hotel junction using tuk-tuk also. Tips on using tuk-tuk: bargain with them the price first before sitting inside the tuk-tuk. That's what the tour person told us first thing when we reached Phuket! Nice! 

Our last stop for the day. Nightlife of Patong: Bangla Road.

 It's really a total different view comparing the morning and night. A total lively road at night, with a lot bars, bands, and even those ping pong shows. Whoo~

Picture of the boys and a guy which promotes the ping pong shows to the guys! Hehehehe~

Okay. That's should be it for this long post. More updates soon. Ending this post with a picture of me & Fan Su...

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