Food Madness

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Starting this madness post with a RM2 Sushi Bonanza! It seems like I'm a loyal Bonanza person! Hahahaha! Never fails to bonanza-ing for years. This time, I went with Fan Su only. Lucky us for just dining in for 2, where we get to save the time for queuing; cause most of them came in a bunch. If you know what I mean. Hahas! ^^ So we get to cut queues, in a very legal way.

Sushi King RM2 Bonanza! 9-12 July for Sabah & Sarawak~

Another food madness that's happening recently, the McDonald's Free Coca Cola Glass in conjunction of the upcoming Olympic 2012! So, this time will be my third series collection after the previous two.

Free Coca Cola Glass with Every Coca Cola Glass Meal!
Each week each glass!

So this means that I'm gonna eat McDonald every week. (@@) Okay. Just a short madness post. Gonna upload all the series I've got after collecting all the glasses. ^^ (If I'm not lazy enough) That's all from me now.

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