Pre-Wedding Shooting

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Finally! The pre-wedding shooting day! Hohoho! Kinda anticipating for the day itself actually. So, last week spent 2 days for the shooting. Tiring but it was totally worth it when you saw the outcome of the pictures. ^^

Okay. Fan Su and I chose Laven Bridal Gallery (蒙特利亚) for our bridal package. The whole package and the price was totally reasonable and the staffs there are really nice and friendly. We love their photoshooting styles too. Suits us! =) More info on the gallery, just click their facebook link above. Now for some pictures......

Personally heart this shot alot. Taken by Fan Su with my make up + hair artist, Stanley.. He's a very nice and friendly person. ^^

Us with Stanley~

with one of our photographer, Ah Hao.. A totally funny & friendly person..
Never fails to keeping us laughing here and there. XD

The couple =) Love this pic..

Another shoot of us.. Hahaha! Notice the balloons behind~
Heart the colours.. =)

Now looking forward to see the outcome of all the pictures taken. Hehehehe~ Both Fan Su and I got some special souvenirs after photoshooting. Not from the gallery I mean, from the environment around us, after our outdoor photoshooting....

Urgh! Is it the grass or some bugs~ Totally itchiness! Holding my breath and my hand from scratching it.. (>.<)

Hope we recover soon. That's all for this post. Have a lovely Wednesday everyone. GOD Bless~

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