Sarawak Cultural Village

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Sarawak Cultural Village aka Taman Budaya, is a place where the people can know more about the culture and also the histories of various ethnics in Sarawak here, as Sarawak here has a lot of different ethnics living here in Sarawak.

It's located far away from Town, near to Damai Beach. Opening hours is from 9am to 5.15pm daily. Entrance fee is free for children below 6, RM30 for age 6-12, RM60 for adults & RM15 for Student! Kinda big difference eh? That's why we brought our Student Card along! Hehehehehe!

Sarawak Cultural Village

So, in this village, you'll get to see seven different ethnics of showcase houses: Chinese Farmhouse, Malay House, Melanau Tall House, Orang Ulu Longhouse, Penan Hut, Iban Longhouse and Bidayuh Longhouse!

The antiques in the Chinese Farmhouse!

The traditional soya blending demo?

Melanau Tall House

The antiques in there!

Orang Ulu Longhouse

The orang ulu-s

.. and their traditional instrument: Sape

At the Penan Hut with the Penans!

Penans usually stayed inside the deep jungle and so, they were good in hunting!
They give you chance to try too by using their blowpipes! RM1 for 3 blows

The Iban Longhouse... The backside...

The corner of the front side... Lols! Since it's a Longhouse... it's looong~

The inside!

.. with the Ibans~

.. and we got to see how Kain Pua is made.

Bidayuh Longhouse... Looks round to me instead of long..

.. with the Bidayuh!

Spotted the skulls inside @@

Misc pictures: the batiks

So, actually we didn't stepped into the Malay house cause we are rushing to watch the Cultural Shows which only shows 2 times per day: 11.30am and 4pm!

Some pics during the show!

That's all for this post! Ending this post with our group picture at the main entrance:

I'm fat.. (==")
Stay tune for more post! ^^

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