Jong's Crocodile Farm & Zoo

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jong's Crocodile Farm & Zoo is located at 18.5 miles in Kuching City. From the name of it, you'll know there will be plenty of Crocodiles there. From small to big, as in tremendous BIG (@@)

The zoo opens daily from 9am to 5pm. This time Student Card can't be use, but your identification card is used where. Why? Cause the admission charges for Sarawakian adult and children are RM10 & RM5 whereas for others will be RM16 for the adults and RM8 for the children. So, are you lucky enough as part of the Sarawakians.

So, inside the zoo.....

You can see crocodiles for sure...

Just different species... This is the crocodile without it's tail..

.. and more & more crocodiles... These are the Tomistma Breeding Farm.
It was said to be the World's First Tomistma Breeding Farm, where these species inhabiting in the island swamps and river systems. This explains the moss over their bodies.

Well, you can see birds too!

.. and fish!


Monkeys.. Notice what the monkey is eating.
Who so evil?! (@@)


Ducks.. Lovey dovey~

Different kinds of birds, chickens & peacocks too!
Some animals that are harmless to us they put them freely where we are able to see them very very closely~

There's this big pond called Arapaima Pond in the middle of the zoo...

.. where there were lotsa big and small fishes that some of the fishes eat meats and not bread.

You can only located the fish during the feeding time at 11.30am & 3.30pm daily!

As for the crocodiles, there were this Jumping Crocodile Feeding Show at 11am & 3pm daily.

There were other animals located in this zoo too! Such as snakes, eagles etc. Okay, more pictures!

.. with the girls!

.. & also Fan Su!

.. & also the guys!

This is the Crocodile museum located at the arriving hall, where you can see the Skull of Bujang Senang, the preserved crocodiles & the eggs, informations on the crocodiles and also pictures!

End this post with our group photo!

That's should be it for the overall trip that planned for Kai Li & Chew Yong's Kuching Trip. Have a nice day everyone!

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