Friendship Park

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Malaysia-China Friendship Park aka Taman Sahabat or 马中友谊公园 is located in Jalan Song, Kuching. Well, is a small yet beautiful park completed in 2005 to commemorate a 30 years of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and China.

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The entrance with Chinese architectural design

Spot the fishes in the pont. You can buy the fish food and feed them.
There are a LOT of fishes inside!

The Voyages of Admiral Cheng Ho. Info here.


Chew Yong & Kai Li~

One from Johor~

One from Selangor~

And came to Sarawak!

Spotted Wishing Well!

It's a park as you may know from the name and neighbourhoods will utilize the park specially during the evenings with their families to jog, tai chi and other exercises too!

A simple post for today. That's all for now. GOD bless!

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