Happy 2011

Thursday, January 06, 2011

First of all, Happy 2011 to everyone out there. So, how's your 2011 welcoming celebration? For me, I went for a family trip to KL and Penang, from 31/12/2010 till 04/01/2011. ^^ 31 till 2 in KL, and on 2nd night, my 2nd bro drove me and my parents to Penang. So, not much talking I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

31 December using MAS flew to KL...

Meeting my parents and brothers and stayed my big bro's condo...

.. at USJ 1 Avenue~

Went shopping on the 1st and the 2nd day of January, at Sunway Pyramid, Mid Valley Megamall and also Sungei Wang!! Can you see how much bags my daddy were holding? Trust me, there's just part of it only. Hahahaha~ Most of it were my mum's some were mine. XD

Some of the food pictures that I remembered to took in KL. Hahaha~ Btw, that was my big brother and his future wife on the middle-bottom pic.

Did managed to met some of my closest friends in uni, Kai Li, Chew Rong, Shu Ni, Kok Chong, Season, David, Chien Ping and also Ser Yuan. Nice chatting with all of you although it was just like 1 hour plus plus. (",) On the night of 2nd Jan, my 2nd brother drove me and my parents to Penang....

.. to meet our newest family member, Kenji Kong Li Hen, my baby nephew!!!

Can you see how happy my parents were? And Kenji was indeed cute. Hahahaha~

Then my brother brought us to visit to the Kek Lok Si temple...

Big indeed I can say..

And not forgetting to try out some delicacies in Penang, I can really conclude that Penang foods were cheap and with a very strong taste. Suitable for people who love strong taste foods.

Finally also, shopping shopping shopping to Queensbay Mall. Due to the shortage of time, didn't manage to shop at Gurney. Seems like mum was a little bit upset. Hahaha~

That's should be it for the whole KL Penang trip. A very nice and lovely trip especially doing everything together with family. ^^ Just loving it a lot. A little not good was Fan Su weren't able to make it. Well, nevermind. Looking forward for the next family trip. Take care everyone.^^

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