Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Can't think of any title nor any post for now. So, might just as well randomly post few pictures up here to beautify the blog. Hahahaha~

PSP to get rid of boredom when there were too much time to spend on...

But now the boredom or should I said the rest days has just ended few days ago, where the pampered princess needs to start her new stage of her life in the working society. (>.<) Still preferring the studying life rather than working life. Will think about further study but not for now. ^^

Temporary working in the previous industrial training company~

Went to watch The Last Air bender last Sunday with fan su and it was great. A nice movie and am looking forward for the coming episode. While waiting for the movie time we did this....

Some arts thingy where you pour the colour sands on the particular place to result the pictures. Or in short.. Colouring using sands lor...

Okay lar. That's all for now. There seems like things bothering me now but I donno what. Hahaha~ Take care everyone.

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