New York New York

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Past Monday was invited by Season, David and Su Yen. They treated me lunch as a birthday treat. So, since the pampered princess never tried New York New York before, we went there for our lunch. It was situated at ground floor in 1 Borneo, Kota Kinabalu.

The Menu!

The overall look in New York New York~

Our drinks which includes floats, sodas, juices...

.. foods includes latino chicken, cheesy chicken, fish & chips

David with his Latino Chicken~

Su Yen & Season~

This should be the 2nd time having meal with them after the first one in Maple Cafe. ^^ After lunch, watched Where Got Ghost movie with them. Didn't really dare to refuse their invitation since majority wants to watch so might as well just tag along.

Meaningful movie as it do voiced some some reality things in the reality world. But didn't really like the movie cause I don't and DON'T like watching scary movies. Been scared by the movie several times till the tears flew down. Yes, the pampered princess here is a timid princess. (>.<) Guess that's all for now. Take care everyone~

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