Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September is here! Knew lotsa September babies, and the pampered princess here is one of the September babies. ^^ Love September a lot. Why? September is a birthday month! Wohooo~ Sweety Danson also one of the September babies and his birthday is tomorrow! ^^

Am really looking forward this year's birthday. Well, actually was looking forward for every years' birthday but still not much surprise ........................ Urgh~ Argh~ Sheesh~.............. Was interupt by something.... later continue....

Peace at last and let's continue blogging. Where was I? Oh ya! Was looking forward for every years' birthday! How, why or what just don't ask. Cause I don't know answer. For me, birthday is important for me. Is the day where you thanks GOD and your parents. Is YOUR day! Specially looking forward for this year's birthday cause this year is my last year celebrating my birthday in my university. Hope to really have so much fun with everyone. Like what I mentioned earlier before. Nothing much to hope actually.^^

That's all for now. Happy Birthday September babies~~~ I'll try to list some babies here.... Grace, Danson, Kah Hung, Poay Chiew, Janice, How boy, Jessica, JJK, Jeremy, Weng, Chun Keat, Ah Pek, Bryan aka Yellow Bra, Emma, Kok Chong, Yong Kang, Wen cuz, Ah Chen, Jeremy cuz, Wang Huat, Kai Li, Min San, SabahKing.

ps. Inform me when I missed out your name ya? Cause really too many of them!! Hehe~

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