The Princess Got Diarrhea

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The pampered princess here seems so unlucky recently. After got better from her cold, diarrhea came. Thanks to what? Thanks to the roti telur that she ate yesterday!!!

The story is like this. I ordered a roti telur after the not-satisfying maggi goreng ayam. Okay. The roti telur came. The roti telur looks okay. But the plate used to served the roti telur was way not okay! People used clean plate to serve foods but that night they used seems-like-used-before plate and reused to served!!! How I know? The plate has noodles on it!!! And is not like only one. Some of it, and it seems like not clean at all!!! But the pampered princess here just changed the plate and continue eating! That's why today her stomach was grumbling whole day!! (>.<)

So, readers.. The moral of the story is don't ever get greedy. If the thing is not clean, asked them to change! We have the rights cause Customer is Always Right!!! Since the princess is still in a recovering mode, remember to eat many many fruits, drink lotsa lotsa water and get more rest!!!

Thanks to Yee Feei & Chien Ping for treating me Coconut Pudding last week! ^^

The result of craving too much fruits. Readers don't try this at home ya!! ^^

Still got stacks of assignments and midterms coming. (>.<) Do pray for me ya? ^^

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