The Princess Caught A Cold!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

As above yea! The pampered princess here caught a cold and she's now keep sneezing and having a serious flu. And her voice tends to changed! (>.<) Went to see a doctor this noon and got some medicine to get the immune back! Well, thanks to me myself who tends to stay awake till early in the morning then sleep and also didn't blanket well when sleeping plus with the not stable weather recently which resulting me to catch a cold. Haha!

Although got sick and now is mid sem break, that doesn't mean that I'm free from my studies. Pity pampered princess here still needs to get into her non stop assignments and final year project while she's in a sick+mid sem break mode.

Well, it seems like some people really tends to make a big fuss around when they heard you got sick or something. Below is a good example:

Click to enlarge!

I know H1N1 needs to be control but hey, think carefully lar! I got sick due to lack of water in my body and didn't really get to have a good sleep which caused the sickness to come. If it's because of my not so good immunity where disease may come, okay this I can accept. But hey, some people tends to treating you like a H1N1 people and do you think is funny huh?

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