Sunday, June 28, 2009

Communication is indeed important for us. Not talking the net communication where the youths can able to surf about world, not talking about the high tech handphone where can locate anyone at anytime, and not the airplane which fly high above the sky to travel to meet friends and family. The communication I'm talking about here is just a simple face to face talking, chatting, sharing. This communicating.

People and people do have some hard in communicating face to face. Why? You are speaking on the behalf of you, based on your thoughts. While the same as others. I said my result is so bad while others may think your result actually ain't that bad. Just based on what are you thinking. What's the prescription of your 'bad result'.

Yes. My 2nd year 2nd semester's result has finally out and as expected. I dropped again. Some of the subjects expected to be a better result but the result shown was just out of my expectation. That makes me not in a mood recently and decided to work alot more harder next sem.

But, I work so hard, hope at least SOMEONE would at least understand. But did that SOMEONE really do understand how hard that I studied? How stress am I in my uni life just to get a good result which at least will make SOMEONE proud abit? I remember that I told SOMEONE before when I just entered uni life and had some rough times. But the SOMEONE respond, been scold back which makes my mood even worst. Most of the thing I heard is all the negative responds. It seems like never heard of an at least a little positive responds from SOMEONE.

I know sometimes patience may solve the problem, but do you think patience can really make SOMEONE understand what kind of feeling I'm facing? If one day, I becoming another person which I don't know, maybe a really MATERIALISTIC one, or even the REALISTIC one, should I said all my fault? Or should I blame for care which I lack of, ear which I want for, a comfort which I longing for?

ps. I think my result is really damn bad although my cgpa still above 3.

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