Selfish Or What?

Friday, May 08, 2009

Finally managed to sit down for a few minutes to update a short while. After finals, wasn't that free due to the final year project, fyp in short. Yeap. Next semester will be the final year in the uni life and everyone were busy finding supervisors, title for the final year project and also journals too.

Not only fyp to be taken care of, the house cleaning too. (>.<) This is the most angry part I should say. Well, been divided into groups to clean the part of the house. But what's in the end? One group of the gang, consists of 4 person, cleaning tidying up the living room and left other us 3 person cleaning the whole kitchen? And the thing here is living room aren't that 'tidy'. Boxes are still not in the order, one of the shelf is still erm.. I don't want to say about it. If say clean, I can't really said is clean. If tidy, not so tidy as I can see some things are still not in a very good order. And the stairs.. who's the one cleaning it up in the end?

Now lets say the kitchen. Cleaning their own parts only and throwing the bottles while others just leave it there. I don't really think that consider as cleaning. You're just throwing out some unused stuffs and tidy up YOUR own stuffs. Others stuffs that we're sharing together how? Just leave it to us? Hm... Well, let's see what we did. We cleaned the fan, fridge, stove, window and the floor and you just tidy up your own little space and throw away all those unused stuffs? Is that call cleaning? Why we're divided into groups? Is to co-operate but in the end did you? Not only that, I know you don't like to clean the kitchen cause the kitchen is the most 'dirtiest' place. So, you're expecting we like to clean? Let me tell you. I'm the only daugther in my family and I didn't really do much cleaning in my house. But why I still can do and you can't? Trying to be very lady or a real pampered princess than me? I really don't know.

Now move into the room. Besides throwing up rubbish and sometimes sweeping 'some parts' of the floor, that's it. Who's in the end cleaning up the fan when it is full of dust? Who's the one in the end sweeping the wall, sweeping all the floor and mopping the floor? And who's the one cleaning the toilet, brushing the walls, and the sink? Can't you at least fell embaressed for not contributing much? We're sharing the same thing but I need to do a lot more of the cleaning? I didn't say you're not doing anything. But what point is that?

It is alot of toleration from me and some of us already. And maybe you're now reading this. I don't want to say it face to face to avoid those unwanted environment. And I hope after this you at least might realise something out of it. Living under one roof isn't that easy and I know it. That's why we need to learn how to tolerate. Well, in this aspect, we did tolerate already but at least show some respect and responds okay? Much appreciated.

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