Pulau Sapi

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our second destination, after the Kundasang trip, is the island! Among the few islands, I chose the Sapi Island aka Pulau Sapi. This is due to some feedback from my friends saying that Sapi is more clean but one thing, there's not much water sports activities comparing to the Manukan Island, and there's iguanas in the island. (o.O)

Well, is my first time there too and our main purpose is to let the elders to enjoy. So, decided Sapi Island instead. So, off we go to the Jesselton Point to buy the tickets and...

rode on the speed boat to reach our destination...

.. reached!!!

The overall scenery. Very nice and the water is damn clear.. Can even see the fishies~

We did some activities such as snorkeling, water playing...
(ps. I love the pic above where my grandma played with the water~)

.. collecting shells...

.. and take lotsa pictures too^^

We met iguanas and a wild boar~

Back to the Point after few hours there.

Didn't spent too much time on the island cause play enough already plus not much water activities. Overall, love the island as it was so clean and beautiful. Did enjoyed too. Don't you think so too? ^^

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