Dumpling Making

Thursday, May 28, 2009

In conjunction of Dragon Boat Festival, or Duan Wu Jie aka 端午节, the princess will be posting about how to make rice dumpling. It's been years since I last ate rice dumpling made by grandma. So, this year, she planned to made and I tagged along.

First, you need to wash the bamboo leaves and the plant-based strings...

Then, fried the glutinous rice with ginger and add a little bit of salt for the seasonings.

Get ready the fillings too. We used pork with small onions and mushrooms.

Now it's time for the wrapping.. First, make the bamboo leaves into the cone shape like. Make sure the end has no holes... If not, when cook, everything will come out..

Then, stuffed the rice into it first...

.. and then the fillings...

.. then cover it with the rice again~

Now wrap it up and tie it with the plant-based string...

Walah~ this is grandma's version of rice dumpling~

While this is my version. Not bad eh for a beginner like me ^^

Then later on tie it all together... around 10 each.. depends on you...

and put it into the boiled water with pandan leaves for around 3 hours. ^^

And there you are... Yummy~~~

Did you ate any rice dumpling today? Happy Dragon Boat Festival everyone^^

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