What The?!

Friday, March 27, 2009

My 4th Semester's final exam's schedule finally out! Damn this time! I really don't know how to study like this!!!!

20 April - SM 20803 : Real Analysis
21 April - BZ 10303 : Microeconomy
22 April - SM 20203 : Differential Equations
23 April - SM 20402 : Numerical Computation
30 April - SM 20603 : Analysis Statistic

4 May - SM 21003 : Operation Research
5 May - UF 00702 : Japanese Language IV

!@)#(@)(#* The finals will be starting on the 20 April, and I get to sit for my first exam on the very first day!!! What the?!!! Can you see all my core subjects are almost all on the first week?!!!

I'm going to be very dead this time!!! So, readers, please don't ever blame me for not updating my blog okay? Blame the university for making such kind of schedule for the students. But still, do still keep visiting to maintain my traffic kay? ^^

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