I Wonder

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I still don't know and sometimes really don't understand. You gave the effort but in return you did not get what you want?

I thought that I can score for Analysis Statistic in my mid term and I expected to get at least an A-. Everytime, it was out of my expectation. Why I got B+ instead of A-? I still can't understand why.

One of my friend told me, "What for care so much? Is just mid term what and B+ and A- just a few marks away." Some might not care but I really do care. Even one mark means everything. Maybe is just one mark which results you drop from A- to B+. Maybe just one mark which made your pointer drop. One mark means alot.

Just say me 'kiasu' or what ever. People sometimes do have the 'kiasu' feeling, just whether you admit or not only. For me, without the 'kiasu' feeling, I guess I won't keep pushing myself to achieve my goals. How come I'll have all these types of personalities? Hm~ guess is due to the environment that I'm living ba...

Sheesh... Thanks to B+ which ruined almost my whole day. (>.<)

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