Reunion Dinner

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I love it when Chinese New Year is here. Why? Cause we get to gather with our loves one, specially with our family. Different from the previous years, this year should be the first reunion dinner without my beloved grandpa with us as he is now living happily with GOD. Honestly, still kinda not use to it. (>.<)

This year also, my big brother is not with us as he needs to go to the States for business trips. Well, too much bla-ing. Let me show some pictures...

Almost every year, we spent our reunion dinner at home, with my daddy, as the cook!

My second brother personal favourite, lobster!!!

And my personal favourite, marinated fried pork! Yummy~

Our reunion dinner, with lotsa yummy foods. Dang, I forgot I should ask daddy to cook shark fin too. Last year's shark fin was nice!

This year, I celebrated my Chinese New Year Eve under the rain as it rains almost everyday in Miri. And this year I did lotsa chores for the Chinese New Year preparation to lighten my parents and my grandma's burden. Kinda satisfied though.

That's for my Reunion Dinner and Chinese New Year Eve celebration. So, how's yours?

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