Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thanks to Daddy....

I got a new VIVA!!!

Personally, it looks like a small version of Avanza. Don't you think so? Once again, thanks to DADDY for the car. With this car, I'll be alot more convenient for me when I'm in KK. With this car, I no need keep mafan people for picking me here and there and with this car, I no need to get hurt by people's word anymore. Thanks again, Dad.

So now, my family got 6 cars, one old car which din use anymore, one Nissan Sunny, one Nissan Sentra, one Avanza, one Honda City and now one VIVA. And the whole family used the same car plate number. XD

Now, one question, who can drive my car from Miri to KK ler?

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