3rd Semester's Result

Monday, December 22, 2008

Result is officially out. Below are my results for this semester...

ST00803 - Statistical Package for the Social Sciences : A
UJ00302 - Japanese Language III : A
UF6093 - Scientific Writing : A-
BZ10103 - Principal of Economy : B+
SM20103 - Linear Algebra : B
SM20303 - Advance Mathematics I : C
SJ20103 - Mathematics in Finance : C-

This semester I dropped a lot. Most of the subjects did not reached my aim, specially the Finance! How possible I can get a C- for it? According to my friends, a lot of them got roughly this result too. I really wonder how the lecturer mark our paper? The worst part is we don't even know how she evaluate all our assignments and exams. She did not even gave us our carried marks which results us don't know where's our mistake. (What kind of lecturer is this I also don't know)

CGPS for this semester, 3.02. CGPA, 3.17! Dropped 0.07!!!! Sienz~

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