Miss Universe?! Said Eric Tsang Chi Wai

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eric Tsang Chi Wai, 曾志偉, a Hong Kong showbiz's famous actor, film director, film producer and television host, was here again in 1Borneo, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. This time was for a showcase called Star of Tomorrow Showcase, 明日之星, will update more about what happened on that showcase soon.

The main topic for this post is 'THANKS' to both of my friends, Wei Kwan and Chou Pai for calling out so loudly till I was been told by Eric to go on stage. Well, going up on stage is okay for me actually, but going up on stage to PERFORM CATWALK is way NOT OKAY for a girl-who-walk-so-clumsy-ly like me. (-_-)

Sheesh~ This time I'm really get to be on TV. And I guess it will be broadcast till the whole world maybe? (o.O) This really REALLY embarassed me. Don't believe? Take a look at this...

3 people were called, first, a girl (also a pageant) from KL, 2nd, ME!!! And 3rd, a married lady from Shanghai!!

ps. mind the video as it seems everything to be fat after i rotated it~ and i know i look fat...

At first, each of us been interviewed by Eric. Well, he asked what's my name? Where I'm from? What am I doing here? So, I told him I'm from Sarawak and now still studying. So he said, "Wah, a university student I see. So what subject you're taking?" (In Cantonese lah~) Shiet, I donno what's Maths in Cantonese! So I just said, "Mathematics" He seems surprised, and said: "Wah, then you know how to calculate very well lor. Then if lend money from you ma cham!!" (-_-)

He's really a funny and really nice guy. Hehe~ So, the CATWALK started!!! After watching the video recorded y my friend, HOW I REALLY WISH I CAN CHOP OFF MY HAND!! OH MY!!! Why I wanna 'fling' my hand till so high~ Marching mer? (>.<) And sien, I was wearing like, SO CASUAL!!! And walk up stage like that!!! Oh My~

And, do you know what Eric said in the end? He said, the KL girl is the Miss World, Miss Shanghai for the lady, and me? Miss Universe!!! Or I should called it Miss University? Since I'm still a university student? (=.=)

But, the good thing of getting up on stage is, I got vouchers worth RM300! Yeah~ =)

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