3rd Semester's Final

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Month of November. The month of finals. Guess some of you out there started your finals dy right? For me, just started my first paper, Principles of Economics today. How was it? Haiz... Aim-ed for A actually. But i guess the probability for getting an A is very low. (>.<) Cham~ Did really studied for it but yet.. Haiz~ How har? Can't hit target dy liao...

Well, below are my final's schedule...
04/11 - BZ 10103: Principle of Economics
11/11 - SM 20103: Linear Algebra
12/11 - SM 20303: Advance Mathematics I
14/11 - ST 00803: Statistical Package for the Social Sciences
18/11 - UJ 00302: Japanese Language III
21/11 - SJ 20103: Mathematics in Finance
So, readers.. Please do pray for me kay? As I'll pray for myself and study smart for it. And for everyone who are taking finals and other examinations now...


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