RM2 Bonanza in Sushi King

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

JJK, you know how to post, I also know how to POST what!? Wahaha~ Yesterday, me, Hau, Sim, Kwan and Chon went to Sushi King. All sushi-es for RM2 Promotion what!!! Of course go lar!! =P

A quite long line also... Haha~ But luckily got inside kinda quick!! Haha~

First time I saw Sushi King was crowded with people de ler~ All want eat RM2 de.. Haha!

And we just grab, and grab, and grab, specially the purple colour (originally RM6) dishes...

.. and we keep eat and eat...

.. non-stoply~ Haha!

And I ordered this for extra... Haha~

Actually, I ate not much...

.. and I'll dy full. But hor...

Look how many dishes of sushi-es all of eat?!!!

5 person, all together 37 dishes!!!

So, JJK... Who won? Haha~ Anne just went to eat also huh? Post on the same time as me huh? =P Wakaka!!! Hm... Let's see who ate the most... Wahaha!!!!

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