A Wish for 21st on 21st

Thursday, September 11, 2008

10 days left till 21st, a very meaningful year this year where I celebrate my 21st on the 21st. But this year I guess it will be the most not enjoyable birthday. Why? On the 19, 20 and 22 will be principal economy, algebra linear and advance maths midterms respectively. Gee~ Do you think I am able to enjoy my birthday with these upcoming mid terms? Nope~

Haiz~ A meaningful day been ruined by mid terms. (>.<) Sad~ Eventhough I wanna go enjoy but most of my friends will be busy studying for 22 mid terms also. (>.<) Really sad. I really hope for a really enjoyable and a very happy birthday moments on that day. But do you think it's possible? I don't really think so. Not trying to be pessimistic here but the reality shows me that we should think about studies first now and not enjoy first.

Here, in KK, I'm really still seeking for the meaningful relationships, not only one, but hope for more than one. Not only with girls, and also with guys. Sometimes, reality made me felt that I'm always alone here although they're there with me. But still there's something not right there. Not being childish, but might thinking too much.

A wish for my 21st on 21st, a meaningful and enjoyable birthday with you all. Possible?

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