Tidy-ing Up

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Guess it's really about time to tidy all the moods up. Honestly, it's really hard to accept the fact about what happened and till now I really wished that I'm now still having a dream. A long ones which it wasn't true. But, the reality tells me I should accept the fact, and go on. Yes, my beloved grandpa had left me and my family. He's now living happily in heaven with HIM. Haiz~ Here I wanna thanks all my friends who really 've been worry-ing so much about me these past few days. Don't worry, I'm fine.

Few days ago, back in Miri, me, my uncles + aunties + cousins, and also my grandma went to look back to our old photos. Those photos were really the old ones where they were my grandparents' wedding pic etc. And I looked and looked and I found this...

Can you guess?

It's my childhood pic with 2 other cousins which we're about the same age. And ho, I'm the youngest one okay? =P Can guess which one is me? And this pic...

Found this pic inside my cousin's photo album. Dang, I love this pic alot ler... It's so natural-looking photo where us are playing at the park. Which park? Erm... Taman Bulatan. =) So, any comment for these two pictures?

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