My 2nd Present

Friday, September 05, 2008

My second present for my 21st this year...

3 poohs!!! Love them so much~

Who gave these? Well, I bought these for myself as my this year's birthday present for myself. Hehe~ Since I like it so much, might as well bought them down so they won't be ay regrets~ =D Felt so happy after I bought them since it left not much now here. Hehe~ Regarding my 1st present some of you might wonder? I'll just keep it for myself kay? =)

And as for my next year's present? Aim-ed one nice watch dy.. Haha~ But pokai liao so needa wait till next year lo. But currently not wearing any watches cause got bit rosak liao. (>.<) Oh well, never mind about that. Hehe~

So, including these 3 poohs, my bed now became like this...

Wahahaha~ I feel so comfy everytime I sleep on my bed.. =P

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