Left Alone

Friday, September 19, 2008

Imagine now, spending a month++ holiday back in hometown with your love ones, but not all of it. How will it feels like? Something's missing right? The real purpose or reasons for having a holiday is to spend it with your love ones and fully enjoy it each and every moment.

But what if there's some of your love ones can't spent the holiday with you due to some personal reasons? Oh, the HEART sure HURTS alot right? Everyone sure wishes the all of his/her love ones are able to be there to enjoy the holiday with you each and every moment. But due to SOME reasons, eg. want to go enjoy by themselves without you, he/she can't be there for you. OUCH, that MORE hurts ain't it?

I just wanna have more time to spent with YOU during holiday. Is that so hard? =\

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