21st On 21st

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The MOST F*CK-ed up BIRTHDAY in my life! Why? I'll let you guys no why HONESTLY!!!

  • No celebration.
  • Don't have self birthday cake till now. (I guess I'll be buying my own for myself)
  • I have to plan the out-ings up for everyone to accompany me. (Yes, yesterday can consider a early celebration, but I guess it's more a out-ings with a couple of friends)
  • Slept at 3am early in the morning and woke up 8.30am!! THANKS to my roommates for TALKING in the room for SO LOUD!! (Eh, four eyes there you guys DIDN'T see people is still sleeping har?!! Can't you guys just lower down your voice at least?! wtf)
  • Tomorrow will be another mid term for me and I needa spent my BIRTHDAY revising it!
  • DAMN F*CK-ED UP. Hell, I just wanna be a really happy girl for my 21st on 21st only. CAN'T YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND?!!! (They won't understand cause ALL MOST of them DON'T read blogs)

These are just part of it for those unhappy part. (*&@#^^&@#*&* FINE! The happy part?

  • Thanks to parents, grandma, brother, JJK, Anne and Him for calling me. These calls really cheer-ed me up alot.
  • Thanks to those friends who sms-ed, msg-ed and comment-ed me for my 21st
  • Yesterday I skated for the FIRST TIME. (Should be blade-ing instead)
  • Birthday is not only a day to celebrate our own birthday, it's also about THANKFUL and STILL THANKFUL. Thanks to both of my parents for gave birth to me 21 years ago, thanks them for working so hard just to let me and my brothers have a better life. Thanks them for never giving up on me, thanks for EVERYTHING. Thanks to GOD too for giving me such a wonderful life, for staying healthy as always, and for EVERYTHING He gaves us. =) Thanks to my friends and family for all the wishes and helps that made me a better girl. =)

That's it for now. Will update about my recent life these few days, soon. Signing off.

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