The Fake Olympic?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

This news is sure kinda hot these few days among the bloggers. I'm sure most of you had watched the Beijing 2008 Opening Ceremony. The expression while watching the opening sure will be like, "Wah~ Whoo~ Nice ler~ Geng~ Sat wor~" all these stuffs. At first I was really pretty amazed for the whole ceremony thingy specially the great fireworks effects till these news came out...

"The broadcast of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony used computer-generated fireworks, including a fake shake to simulate helicopter filming, because of the city's hazy skies, Chinese officials said..."

"Minutes before the ceremony, directors replaced a 7-year- old singer with an older girl considered prettier, musical director Chen Qigang told..."

Source from here. More about the replaced singer here.

Kinda disappointment eh? For me, the computer-generated fireworks was still okay abit. I am still really impressed for the footprint fireworks, although there was some little computer-generated. Eh, the programmers still need to prepare for months ler to get everything done. Haha~ =) But the replacement of the more "prettier" girl was unacceptable for me~ Why?

The real singer, Yang Peiyi, and the lip synching ones, Lin Miaoke, on the right

Just because of her buck-ed teeth!! (>.<) Is this discrimination or what? Haiz~ There are just kids ler. Kids sure will have bucked teeth de lar~ I also had it bah when I was a kid. But why till need lip sync-ing? Just because she look not-so-nice compare to Miaoke?

Actually, if the organizers would called Peiyi instead, the world will sure feel very impressed of this little girl. Not only for the little girl, for China too!! Don't you have the same feeling too?

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