A Very Good Friend Of Mine

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A very good friend of mine, a guy where we knew each other for almost 10 years. Who's he? Jong Jing Kwong aka JJK. Wakaka~ This post is all about him. Thanks to anne for uploaded the pics again after I accidentally deleted the mms from my hp. =P

.xin87ying. proudly presents...

The damn funny + edited version of JJK~

Oh my~ The first time I saw this pictures I laughed non-stop. Really damn funny lar? Don't you think so too? =D JJK, when you saw this post I can imagine what kind of reaction and response you got. You sure very kektiok and so paise and sure "HAR!!!! Shit my picture~ DIE!!!!" some sorta stuffs... Wakakaka~ =P

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