New Room

Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's been weeks since I'd moved into my new house, my new room, with 2 new roomates and new housemates. Satisfied with my current living since at least I can call a HOME for now.

For today, let me present to you the small little part of mine, in my room. =)

My bed with the bears and my Danson's small pillow, my small desk and some other blas to put my blas~

My Super Mario Bross's mushroom slipper for me to wonder around in my room with it~

My small little desks with lotsa blas on it~ And the notice board with my DANSON on it =)

Place to put my earrings, books and other blas~

It's small but I'm really okay with it, at least it was bigger than the ones in hostel last time. =P

Comparing with the ones in hostel...

.. which will you prefer? Hehe~

Well, today yesterday went out and bought this to pimp up my desk again~

The ferries wheel photo frame~

It's cheap for me as it cost RM17.50 only. See there's one pictures up dy. More pictures will be on the wheels soon. Kakaka~ Guess that's all for now. Take care everyone~

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