Trip to Genting Highland

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A one day trip to Genting Highland not long ago when I reached here.

GENTING... City of Entertainment~

Went there with Him and his friends. The true purpose we went there was to treat one of His friend there due to his upcoming birthday, which was over already. Hehe~ Well, I finally did played at the outdoor theme park after the first time I went there. =)

Overall, fun and kinda scary~ Cause played some shocking and extremely terrified games that will actually made you couldn't scream when you should scream~ Haha. I am mentioning about this thing actually... (ps. Turn your head or your pc 90 degree for a better vision =P)

The Space Shot... Scary eh?

Nothing much to talk now just show you all the pictures lah~ Not much also lar.. =)

The only place I wanna go was actually the CASINO. Not to gamble, just to look around only. Sadly, I'm still not yet 21!!! Needa wait till September... Haiz~ =\

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