Stress Mode

Monday, April 28, 2008

Just let me EMO for a while. Coming noon will be my 3rd paper, Object Oriented Programming, OOP in short. An almost dead subject for me. CHAM~ At most I think I can get will be only C. Sheesh~

Then, next day Marine and Japanese for the following day. These two will be kinda stress for me since I'm aimming A for it. Hope I did NO CARELESS MISTAKES during those 2 papers.

Final paper, this coming Friday, Earth Science and Planet. Another stupid and no use subject for me. I really WONDERING what's the use for a Mathematician to study this subject? It doesn't seems like we will be studying rocks, minerals and planet in our future subjects. And this subjects will only PULL my CGPA down only!!

And due to the TEST MODE, I kinda grew fatter. SHEESH!! Needa diet during semester break. Haiz~ =\

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