Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mentioned this again and again... Siok Ngi ever took picture with...

My Honey... CHUN!!!!

And as I'd mentioned from the previous post, one of my coursemate looks like CHUN too!!!

His name is Season aka Shi Sheng... Can see clearly?

Or you want a closer view? What do you think? Looks like my HONEY mar? =)

But yet, I still really want to take picture with my HONEY CHUN la!!! SOMEONE PLS BRING ME GO BRUNEI LA!!!! Okay~ Okay~ Back to my main topic for this post. PICTURES TIME!!!

First of all, introducing my coursemates...

Mathematics with Economics!!!

Alot people ler. Haha~ Below are some of the pictures taken during the phototaking session...

And now, for the pictures on Last Sunday, during ME & MCG Family Day in Summer Bay Resort, Papar. A must watch pictures!!!!

Guess that's all for this post. Now is 3.30 am now. Still online-ing now just to post all the pictures up here. I'm such a nice blogger rite? =P Enjoy and do leave comments ya~

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