Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I was SUPPOSED to be in a very good mood to upload all the pictures that I'd taken last week to share it with you all. BUT THANKS TO THE VERY GOOD LINE WHO MADE ME CAN'T UPLOAD MY PICTURES!!! Don't say here in blogger, even want to upload into my friendster also hard. Dang stupid line here~

Oh well, at least I did succesfully uploaded some of the pictures into my friendster. So, actually these few weeks can say it's a busy+stressful weeks for me. Just had my entrepreneurship mid term today and now I left Programming's mid term which will be on coming Thursday. Yea, I know Thursday is a Public Holiday. (>.<)

Last Friday was a phototaking session for my course. So, we need to wear formal clothes to take pictures loh. And last Sunday was my course, Mathematic with Economy (ME)'s & Mathematic with Computer Graphic (MCG)'s Family Day which were held in Summer Bay Resort, Papar.

Well, well, well, will upload all the pictures as soon as the line is fast enough to upload. =) Guess that's all for now. Just to inform everyone, I'm going to rafting this coming Friday, during Good Friday. Will upload all those pictures and share with everyone ya?!

ONE MORE THING!!!! Siok Ngi ever took picture with...

Honey CHUN~

As for me, I din get to take pics with him la although I also want. But, one of my coursemate hor, also got little bit looks like CHUN leh!!! Believe mar? Wanna see? Then hope the line will be good so that I can upload his pic loh~ Cheers~

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