Current Feeling

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My current feeling? VERY DAMN EMOTIONAL!!! Just for my dears to know, I’m moving out from hostel soon. Don’t know when but soon.

Why? Some may ask? These are the reasons why:

  1. Cause I might been kicked out from the hostel due to lack of rooms for students to live in.
  2. Cause I want to cook for myself in order to save money.
  3. Cause I feel very NOT HAPPY staying here due to some circumstances. Read THIS post and you might know what I’m talking about. (ps. Not because of my roommates. All of my roommates are nice and sweet girls)

But I’ll be moving out and staying in a single room alone. Some of my friends that understand me will sure know I’m a person who scares of dark and being lonely and might not believe I’ll stay alone. I tell you guys. Cause of the last reason which I listed above made me had a VERY STRONG feeling to want to move out.

ps. Usually these little stuffs I’ll tend to keep it and will not blog about it. But all these things that happened to me nowadays had almost reached my limit already. I had ENOUGH of it already!!!! Cause now almost EVERYDAY I’m having a DAMN LONG AND BLACK FACE.

带着烦恼, 压力, 伤心的心情离开~

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