Almost Enjoy-able Sunday

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Last Sunday was an almost enjoy-able Sunday for me. Went out the whole day with Chien Ping, Yee Feei and Wei Chon that day. Firstly, we went to the UMS Aquarium Museum. I love that place.

Me, Chon, Ping and Feei with the whale's skeleton in the UMS Aquarium Museum

Then, we went to Lintas and had our lunch. And this is where my first disaster happened!!!!

I got BURNED!!!!

And resulting my leg got a BIG BLISTER~ (T.T)

The blister is as big as my thumb you know!!! And now, the blister is still on my leg there which results me have to wear slippers to my classes. (>.<) Later on, we went to City Mall for shopping. Window shopping to be exact. Didn't get to buy anything that day.

After that, went to Tanjung Aru and fully enjoyed that evening. We got wet and fooled around the whole evening.

Later on, Cheng Ye and Hui Ping joined us there. Then when it's about time for us to be back to uni, this is where the second disaster happened!!! Cheng Ye lost his car key~ (=.=) We spent hours to find the key and drove back to his house and get the spare key. But in the end also, we still got to found the key. Phew~~

Was supposed to had our dinner at Barcelona Restaurant as we planned earlier. But due to the time, we end up having our dinner in one of the cafe in Kingfisher. Guess what's overall the out-ing for that was all about. Looking forward for the next out-ing. =)

End up this post with pictures taken that day. The pictures are very nice and I like it alot~ Enjoy~

ps. The pictures are shuffled and not in orders.

I personally like this picture alot cause the fishes are as if swimming above me. Thanks to the photographer for this picture, Yee Feei. =)

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