Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ever since I'm back in Miri, I realised the weather had been spectacular weird and weird. How weird you may ask? Well, it's like a sunny and a hot day then suddenly... A big and heavy present from the sky.. Heavy rain. Well, it rained heavily in such a sudden and it last for just a few minutes. Weird? I also don't know.

And according to what JJK told me, from the statistic that maybe and just "MAYBE" that Miri will be facing the FLOOD this year, or to be exact this month for sure, around the 24th++. Well, he also mentioned that if the flood really happens, Pujut Area will be the RED ZONE!!! Dang~

Gee~ It's not that I've nothing to blog about rather than this weather thingy. Actually there's a lot and a lot of things happened within this few weeks. Really alot. But I just don't know exactly where should I start. What should I do actually?

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